I was led to take my morning prayers out into the City of Anoka once each week and invite others to join me if they wished to do so. The Lord was to direct me to the day and the place each week in time for me to publish the information in the weekly email. I believe I am to consider, for this activity, the week to be Sunday through Saturday. So I was curious that after being given Sunday for week one, I was given Friday of the same week. Being a bit confused I was reassured that it was the correct understanding. As I prepared to produce the email yesterday, I was impressed that the location for this morning, Friday, was to be the fountain area in front of the City Hall. We've prayed there in the past, so it made sense and I went with it.

This morning the reason for prayer today became clear. As I approached City Hall I noticed road blocks and police cars in the area I wanted to drive. I circled around, parked elsewhere and walked into the area. The city was setting up for the halloween festivities: parades today and tomorrow, the all Anoka High School reunion party, and more. There was already activity with a local Twin Cities news crew on site.

I was joined by another person with whom I prayed near the fountain area.

We prayed the morning prayers and received communion.

On the way home, the "Prayer Against Witchcraft" prayer that I crafted yesterday came to mind. I remembered that earlier in the morning I was thinking that maybe that prayer ought to be used today as well.

I called the other person that had joined me and we prayed that prayer as well. You can join with us by praying this prayer also.

This is a busy season in Anoka as you can imagine. Halloween is the idolatry of this city that permeates home, school, business, government and even the church. At some point the leadership of each will need to renounce the proclamation of "Halloween Capital of the World" for the City of Anoka to be set free from this unholy alliance with spiritual activity that is not pleasing to God our Creator. We pray that the day for this comes soon.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.