I can’t be certain on the time frame of the dream, but it seemed to me to be from 2:00 to 3:00 AM today. From that time until I arose at 7:00 AM, it seemed as though I would simply close my eyes and open my eyes, then looking at the clock realize that 45 minutes had passed. I had no sense of sleep nor any sense of the time passing. It all seemed strange. What I did have as a result of the warfare was a headache that was only on my right side and a funny sensation on the right side of my face. I sensed a sharp delineation of two halves of my head and face. More on that toward the end of this tale.

In the dream I was at a gathering of people in a building that I perceived to be a Masonic lodge of sorts. There were many people, husbands and wives present, for whatever this celebration was commemorating. I was seated up front, off to the side, stage left, as if I was invited or someone got me in there for a specific purpose. I was seated such that I could look to my left and observe the crowd of perhaps a few hundred people. It still strikes me how the main points seemed to be related to how the behavior or the reaction of the people appeared to me.

I am uncertain if this was a celebration or a ceremony, but there were couples in the audience, not just the men. I also don’t know where this was taking place, though I did feel to be home concerning the vicinity. The people were only lightly excited to be there, with a slight air of not really knowing what to expect.

All of a sudden I realized that someone was on the short riser, or low stage, speaking to the audience. I have no idea what he was speaking of, but the people seemed almost trance-like as he delivered his message. I sensed that many were there because they were of the membership, others were there perhaps as potential members, and the spouses were there because they were dragged along as if required to attend even though they had no interest.

Then there was a pause by the speaker. I remember looking at someone in the front row, just to my side of center stage, and giving him a little nod. At his return nod and subtle wink I arose from my seat and stepped up onto the platform and began speaking. I don’t recall exactly what I began to say, but I know I was attempting to break their hypnotic gaze and deliver them from the spiritual stupor into which they had fallen. They seemed surprised to be shocked awake as this was an unexpected turn of events.

I began calling them out of the deception, “Come out of this deception, my people. You have fallen prey to the works of the enemy.” I shared the gospel and encouraged them to come out of the present darkness and into the light.

Again my focus was on the demeanor of the people. Some faces began to light up in expressions of hopeful delight. Some people squirmed in their seats while others were growing indignant at the co-opting of their gathering.

The next thing I realized was that I was leading the people in prayers of repentance. The original speaker was now trying to quiet me and he was also talking to the crowd in opposition to me. As he talked alternately to me and to the crowd, I grew the more loud and authoritative. As I led people repenting for taking part in vows made to someone other than God and behavior that was unseemly and unrighteous, people began to rise from their chairs. Some wanted to shout me down and others were weeping as they agreed in prayer. I remember focusing on one couple as the woman resisted the efforts of her husband trying to get her to sit down. There was repentance for spiritual actions and rebuffing the living God as well as physical acts such as wife swapping and sexual immorality.

I awoke from the dream and found myself continuing on with the thoughts and the lines as though I was rehearsing for a play. I realized what was happening and I flowed right into active participation as I repented for my generation and our forefathers allowing evil and wickedness to gain a foothold in our community. This was an intense prayer of intercession for around 15 to 20 minutes. I fell back to sleep and immediately back into the dream.

What I found to be strange was that I was carrying on the same line of activity, while seeing the same reactions from the people in attendance, and meeting the same resistance, however, I was in a different location with a different audience. I was on the stage of a church that I seemed to recognize, though I did not recognize any of the faces of the individuals. It was just odd, as if I was seeing part one of one event and part two of another, but as if both events were identical in nature. The same witchcraft and behavior that was in the Masons’ hall was also in the church. There were deceived men and women in both places building their own kingdoms, or the enemy’s, trapped in the misery of a false and temporary joy, rather than enjoying the freedom of the Kingdom of God.

I then sensed the end of the event. In the deliberation of righteousness versus evil, many people had left and someone began leading intense worship. Of the crowd of a few hundred souls, perhaps there were fifty left, spread throughout the seating area. In body, they looked weary from the battle that had just taken place. In their faces I could see the joy of the Lord. It was even the look of relief after the victory of a great spiritual battle. I said to them, “Look around. See who is left?” There was joy as they realized that those who remained were true servants of the Most High.

I then awoke again, and once again, I was active in prayer and worship in line with the dreams. This next part, just to warn you, is a little gross, but here it is. I was moved to use the toilet at 3 AM which for me is an abnormal time for a bowel movement. The removal of the waist from my system was a parallel of the cleansing of the system I was dealing with in the dream. The relevance was of great significance to me at the time. The intercessory prayer continued as I returned to bed to await the sound of the alarm clock 60 minutes later.

As for the headache and the sensation of different feeling from my left and right sides of my head and face, the significance struck me once again. The light and dark are distinctly different. The evil and the righteousness are divided with no common ground. The wickedness must be cast aside, but hopefully the wicked come to know His saving grace. There is no room for compromise. The time has come for the sons of God to stand up for righteousness.