This morning I received this word from the Lord which I believe is a word from the Lord.

Seek the Lord and ask Him for a witness.


Message for the Day – A Word from the Lord


Changes are looming on the horizon. Nationally and globally, the Babylonian system is falling, and they are fighting back. What is happening locally? Is the local church preparing itself? Judgment begins in the house of the Lord. Is there proper worship, in spirit and in truth? Is there intimacy with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Not only in church, but in society as well. Are godly ways and principles established? Is the gospel of peace made known?

Arise My people, for now is the time to fan that flame within you. Big changes are coming. To some it will seem as the end has come. Who are the overcomers? Are you an overcomer? Study and learn. Come to Me and ask. Worship and seek intimacy with Me, your Creator. Understand the gospel of peace and the law of liberty.

Are you prepared to minister to those who are lost or unsettled? Will you answer the call to share My love? Will you allow My love to flow through you? Do you know how to walk in peace and operate from rest? Now is the time to rise up in faith. You are needed for the harvest. You are needed to love. You are needed to overcome the things of this world.

Your call is to go and make disciples. Are you prepared to show others the way of My peace and love? Come to Me and ask of Me. I will not turn you away. In your weakness I will be strong. Be not afraid. I will not leave you.


Through John Schaenzer, January 6, 2019.