Call to Arms

December 12, 2018

The Anoka 42-day War


I believe the City of Anoka is in a spiritual battle, as of today, that will last for forty-two days. Counting today, the forty-second day will be January 22, 2019. This is a call for all who pray for Anoka to take their place in this time of battle.

I have recently had a couple of pastor friends ask me if we were doing anything for the New Year, for example a New Year’s Eve prayer meeting, or a period of fasting and prayer. I answered no, when asked. It didn’t seem to be an unusual question, but for some reason the question had stuck with me. I certainly didn’t want to conjure something up as a religious exercise. But now, here I am, with something that covers almost a month and a half wrapped around the New Year.

This morning in my regular prayer time I was worshipping and praying as I normally do. Holy Spirit seemed to nudge me into my morning prayer set quicker than normal. The prayers can be found on our website under the “Prayers” tab. I pray these for myself and the city daily, typically in the following order: Prayer of Alignment, Morning Prayer, Prayer Against Witchcraft, Releasing Spiritual Weapons.

The real keys, I have learned, are to be sure I am in proper alignment and to be clothed and hidden in Jesus through the armor of God. These two things most enable me to pray boldly as Holy Spirit leads.

This morning the presence of God grew thicker as the time went on. By the time I came to “Releasing Spiritual Weapons”, I was really sensing something going on in the heavenlies; a battle was brewing. I was compelled to continue praying with a warfare mindset. As I prayed, I saw in the spirit the rising up of huge demonic creatures who were snarling and gnashing teeth as to try to intimidate me before an attack. As I sought the Lord to send His warring angels, I saw a myriad of angels pouring into the city. I asked the Lord to send a shutter through the land at the Rum River and I sensed as it were a sonic boom that sent waves to the east and the west from the river to the borders of the city. This happened more than once.

I kept calling for angels and they kept coming. While some did battle in the city others set a perimeter around the city, locking shields and moving inward. The only escape for those who wanted to run was up and out; of course, that wasn’t exactly a clean route either.

There is an intense battle going on in the City of Anoka today, and I was told it was to be a forty-two-day battle. Why forty-two days? I’m not totally sure, but as for the way I do things, I began searching out the significance of the number forty-two. I will cover that after I talk about the prayer itself.

On October 21 we began the “Roving Prayer Meeting” which is an ongoing, open-ended activity. Through today that has been ongoing for 53 days. The call went out on Thursday, October 18, which would make it 56 days. A few days ago, on the ninth I was instructed concerning “Prayer Campaign – 2019” for the city to begin on January 1, which is 20 days from now. So, this is prayer platform number three, all concerning the City of Anoka and all overlapping in time frame. Here is an excerpt from a summary I typed up concerning the first eight outings of the “Roving Prayer Meeting”.


“In early September, I believe, a member of our team had a sense of what our next assignment involved. The team got together on September 20th and discussed it and prayed about it. The thought was that it had to do with praying for the land again. It was expressed that this time it was for keeps, much like a hill is taken back and forth in a battle until one side can no longer battle for it. So, here we are, taking prayers out into the land. Whether a full or partial fulfillment of what we sensed was coming, this process is certainly tied into it.


It appears we now have three layers as in a strategic war plan for the City of Anoka. I only care to do what I believe God is instructing me to do, as I don’t need to make up stuff just to keep busy or appear religious. This, I believe, is God’s plan and it is up to you and me to decide if we are going to participate. There is some sacrifice required – time, effort, inconvenience. Decisions need to be made in order to participate and see it through to the end. There is a cost. This is truly an intense war in the spiritual realm.

YOU NEED TO seek God and ask Him what He is requiring of you. I cannot tell you. You, as I, need to decide how you are to follow Him. Sometimes it’s a matter of obedience. Sometimes it’s a matter of choice. Sometimes it’s even a matter of obedience to not participate in something. For me it is between God and me. For you it is between God and you.


Prayer Time


Concerning the prayer itself, I would recommend the morning prayer set I mentioned in paragraph three. Pray it in faith, knowing that this is a prayer into and concerning the spiritual realm. The outcome will be made manifest in the physical realm, which is why I for one will be watching for a sign or signs of something happening on or shortly after January 22.

Here are a couple points for which I pray:

·        For the salvation of every soul in Anoka

o   Residents, transients, those incarcerated, hospitalized, in treatment, those who work here, shop here, pass through on daily commutes

·        For believers to rise up

o   A passion for sharing the love of God

o   A restlessness to move out of complacency

o   A searching to fulfill one’s calling and destiny

·        For God to send His warring angels

o   to push back all the demonic powers in this city and county

o   to destroy the strongholds of the enemy

·        For God to send His ministering angels and spirits

o   To comfort the broken hearted

o   To bind up the wounded

o   To heal the ill and ailing

o   To set free the captives and destroy the works of the devil

·        For God to restore the land as well as the people

o   The healing of the land from defilement

o   The deliverance of the land from any curses

God appears to be answering these requests in a big way today. I believe we need to join together over the next forty-two days and work with God for all He wants to do, in and for this city, county and state. We don’t know how many other people are getting these calls, whether in the city, state, or nation, but we do know there is a battle taking place and we are invited to join the fight. It makes sense that local battles like this would be happening now as we watch the national battle take place before our very eyes. We are standing on the shoulders of generations of people who have prayed for this land and sought God for deliverance from oppressors of every sort. It is our time to rise up and carry the banner forward.


In the Numbers


I have made a quick look into the numbers from a couple of sources. Since I need to get this out, I have not done a thorough study, but I believe there is something here to paint an outline.


Forty-two Days

·        42 generations from Adam to Christ

·        42 = 6 x 7; Man, and Completeness (Salvation)

o   Spiritual perfection: man and the Spirit of God

o   The Gospel of Peace

o   Unification of man to God

·        40 + 2

o   40: ascent from one level to a higher one

§  10 x 4

·        10: a unity made of parts

o   10 men in a synagogue becomes a spiritual entity at prayer time

·        4: completion or fullness

§  40: represents the completion of a whole made or way of being

§  Hints to the completion of a messianic mission that results in a man who has been born again

o   2: man, his realm, and all that God has created for man’s benefit

§  The letter bet: the picture of a house with an open door

·        42: the number of stops on the way from Egypt to the promised land

o   A process of elevation

·        42 in gematria: “I Am that I Am”

·        42: The appearing of Messiah: the life of ‘Messiah-in-you’ to bring 3-fold resurrection and salvation and deliverance: spirit, soul, body

Our goal here, in serving God, is to bring all to salvation in Jesus Christ, and for the deliverance of our land. Whether or not we agree with the numbers, etc., the story is accurate. We are on a journey from sinner to perfection in Christ Jesus. We are all parts that need to be unified in the body of Christ. We are on a journey with many stops along the way, and hopefully we are rising higher in our walk with God, our walk of faith, with each stop and encounter with Almighty God.