April 1, 2019


Lord Jesus,


We ask that Your eternal purpose would be realized in a people with Your wisdom and life. Cause Your people to seek intimacy with You that we may receive revelation from You and that we may live life abundantly to Your glory. We pray that we would allow ourselves to be made ready before You, and that we would also make ourselves ready by receiving instruction as well as correction. Help us to work out our salvation with repentance and humility in the fear of the Lord.


We pray that the body of Christ would arise as a vessel to the nations, coming out fully to Your eternal goal and high heavenly calling, that all would know You. We pray that Holy Spirit would be newly embraced to the true purpose to which He has been given; to train up the body from children, to become men and women of God, mature to every good work.


We pray, Almighty God, that your full thought, the mind of Christ, would be inwardly wrought in a new priesthood; a priesthood after the order of Melchizedek. We pray that Christ would become all and all to us and that the reality of Jesus as our first love would be established in us. We pray that the Lamb would receive and be joined to the humanity of His kind, His Bride, and that she will have become one with His heart; dwelling in His heartbeat.


We pray that the government of Christ would be truly embraced both within the congregation, by every member, and among the body. We pray that the people of Christ would embrace the purpose to become the exact representation of Christ both now and eternally. And that we would be seated with Him on heavenly ground, with heavenly purpose, offering heavenly sacrifice, displaying heavenly life in increasing fullness and continuously pressing forward to our heavenly calling. That His royal, priestly possession would indeed show forth His excellencies in this earth and in the heavens.


We pray that the great eternal wisdom of Christ, God’s plan, would no longer be a mystery, but an unveiled high calling among His body. We pray that our lives would be holy, and wholly pleasing in your sight, Almighty God.