Prayer Campaign – 2019 – Week 2

January 1, 2019



Here is the list of areas to be prayed for during the week of January 03 through January 10, 2019. The block number corresponds to the city map I have set up. Click the link to see the area in Google Maps, satellite view.

Please take ten minutes each day to pray for the designated area in the City of Anoka. More information can be found at the Anoka Awakening site.


Thursday, 01/03, Block 167: Madison St, 10th Ave, Jefferson St, Dead End

Friday, 01/04, Block 174: Jefferson St, 8th Ave, Adams St, 9th Ave

Saturday, 01/05, Block 101: Anoka City Hall and Offices
Also This Day, Block 66: Anoka Public Works Shop

Sunday, 01/06, Block 120: Main St Between 3rd and 4th, N 3rd Ave Buildings South of Parking Lot

Monday, 01/07, Block 368: Perimeter of the City of Anoka

Tuesday, 01/08, Block 367A-N: Entry Points to the City of Anoka

Wednesday, 01/09, Block 230 & 231: Mississippi and Rum Rivers

Thursday, 01/10, Block 371: Old State hospital Grounds
Also This Day, Block 4: Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center


City of Anoka – 14 15 Access Points – Not Rivers

367A = Ferry St. (Hwy. 47; Champlin Bridge; South End)

367B = Highway 10 (West End)

367C = Burlington Northern RR / Light Rail (West End)

367D = Bunker Lake Blvd. (West End)

367E = Ferry St. (Hwy. 47; St. Francis Blvd.; North End)

367F = 7th Ave. (Hwy. 7; North End)

367G = Bunker Lake Blvd (East End)

367H = Round Lake Blvd (East Border of NE Corner of the City)

367I = Highway 10 (East End)

367J = East Main St. (Hwy. 242; East End)

367K = Burlington Northern RR / Light Rail (East End)

367L = South St. (SE Corner of the City)

367M = East River Road (Coon Rapids Blvd.; SE Corner of the City)

367N = Oakwood Dr. (SE Corner of the City)

#15 = Also on the most SE corner, River Ln. ends at 9th Ave, Anoka, which jogs down to 115th Ave., Coon Rapids.