Some of the Details


1.      Procedure: the coordination of this prayer campaign

2.     Prayer: simple guidelines for us to pray in unity before God

3.     Vision: what is expected to occur through the efforts put forth




·        Each week information will be posted on the web site and in the weekly email that will identify the area to be prayed for each day

o   Some areas will be a city block with the boundaries defined

o   Some areas will be a landmark, a building, or a park, etc.

o   Some days will have more than one item

o   The aim is to post in groups: Thursday through Thursday

·        This is a commitment between you and God

o   Obedience, if He calls you to do it

o   Co-laboring with God if you desire to do it and He agrees

o   There is no sign-up for this activity

§  Though it would be encouraging to know others are participating – drop John a note if you would, please




·        There is not a specified prayer time for the day

·        Pray as led by Holy Spirit

·        Prayer for Residences

o   Stable Family Life / The Ways of God

o   Head of Household / Family Operations

o   Salvation and Sanctification for each Resident

o   God’s love to radiate out from each residence

·        Prayer for Businesses

o   Godly Principles of Operation

o   Fair and respectful treatment of employees and clients

o   Fair weights and measures / good business ethics

o   Operate for sound profits / not greed

o   Maintain a sense of community

·        Other Areas of Prayer

o   Healing, Deliverance, and Restoration / People and the Land

o   Salvation of Souls in the City / Residents, Employees, Incarcerated, Hospitalized, Transient, Shoppers, Commuters

o   Cleansing and Healing of the Society and Culture

o   Churches: Serving God / Exuding Love into the Community

o   Schools: Serving the Students / Truth / Safety

o   Government: Serving the People / Kingdom Principles




·        To have many people each day bathing one area in the city with love and prayer, making a positive impact daily on the City of Anoka

·        10 minutes per day to look at a map location and pray for that area and the people that are there

·        The entire city will be thoroughly prayed for by the end of the year

o   Every street, every residence, every business, every person, and the land

·        Successful execution will bring about a change of our society and culture

o   The love of God will flow through our area

·        The vision is not for a revival of old, rather, it is for a lasting change that improves the life and godliness of our city


The First Wave


·        Following is the initial rollout of Prayer Campaign – 2019

·        Tuesday, January 1; Wednesday, January 2; Thursday, January 3

·        On Thursday, January 3, the next week will be published

o   Thursday, January 3, through Thursday, January 10

·        Publication will proceed in like fashion throughout 2019

·        The block number referenced is the correspondence to my city map


·        Tuesday, January 1: Block 130

o   E Main St, S 3rd Ave, Monroe St, S 4th Ave

o   Downtown Businesses, 4 Residences

o   Upper Room, Masonic Lodge

o   Google Satellite View:,-93.3863247,147m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

·        Wednesday, January 2: Block 119

o   Jackson St, 2nd Ave, E Main St, 3rd Ave

o   Downtown Businesses

o   Pizza Man = Pizza Man Church, Avant Garden

o   Google Satellite View:,-93.3882942,104m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

·        Thursday, January 3: Block 167

o   Madison St, 10th Ave, Jefferson St, Dead End

o   1 Church, 15 Residences

o   New Day Fellowship = Fire Pit Worship

o   Google Satellite View:,-93.3721948,351m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en