It was January of 2016 and Anoka Awakening was in its infancy. A member of the group mentioned a prayer wall that had been done in another city that he had been a part of and we kicked around the idea, but it never completely came into being. What did happen was the laying out of a prayer map based upon the city map. Each block was numbered, given a description and linked with a Google Earth picture. That work is now going to be re-purposed for this prayer campaign.

The work of 2016 was for a prayer wall consisting of 168 "blocks"; 1 for each of the 168 hours in a week. The map had 375 areas identified in the list. Some were grouped together, such as: perimeter and access points; cul-de-sacs and adjoining blocks; blocks of businesses combined with blocks of residences; etc. A certain amount of the planning was an attempt at balancing the load for each hour, for example, by number of residences in an area. The idea was to have 168 people signed up to pray for one hour, or some people taking more than one hour, praying for a specific block(s). In 1 week the entire city would be prayed for with targeted prayers. Then, multiply that by weeks or months.



The 2019 campaign is not going to include a sign-up list and it will not matter what hour of the day or night people choose to pray. The list is being reconfigured to reflect 365 days. Each day there will be an area, or a small grouping of areas, to be washed in prayer by all who are praying. During the year of 2019, every residence, every business, and whatever else, should be specifically prayed over by multiple people.

This activity is specific to the City of Anoka, however, local citizenship is not necessary for participation. Personally visiting the area would be great, but it is not required. The links will be provided, as much as possible, for a map or satellite view of the area for the day. Anyone can zoom in on map programs and see what is in the area. Holy Spirit is plenty capable of revealing things to our spirits remotely as well as on site.

This is in conjunction with other activities such as the weekly Roving Prayer Meeting, prayer walking the churches of the county, street ministry, among other similar things. This is not just another activity to keep busy and say we are doing something. This involves deliverance of the people from the bondage of sin, the godliness of the business climate, the restoration of the land, breaking off of curses and strongholds, and whatever else Holy Spirit directs us to pray for.


"Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses." Joshua 1:3


God was commissioning Joshua to lead the Israelites into the promised land after the death of Moses. We believe He is commissioning us as well. We are ambassadors of Jesus Christ to all creation.

Our group was given a word one night in our worship time. We were to claim and to hang onto this verse, Joshua 1:3, as our own promise from God. We have walked every part of this city with prayer more than once. This is known as a fact as one member marked a city street map with each prayer walk until every street, cul-de-sac, dead end, and even some alleys, were colored on the map. This included 2 walks around the perimeter of the city which were 16 miles each. The prayer was for everywhere the foot had trod and everything adjacent to it.

Early in September of 2018 a member of the group called us together for prayer and worship, sensing the next assignment. The land was to be prayed for concerning cleansing and deliverance. We pressed in to the Lord seeking clarification on the matter. The group affirmed the call, but no details were revealed at that time. There was a sense among some that this time it was "for keeps". Much like a battle in war with offensives and counter offensives, until one side can no longer push back to retake the contested ground. This is our offensive to take the ground for the final time. The weekly Roving Prayer Meeting was one part of the new calling. This is another part of the strategy. There will be the commitment needed to maintain it once it is taken of course, so we ask the Lord to reveal that plan to us as well.

Over time, this became our banner.



"From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force." Matthew 11:12


Jesus was talking to the people after disciples of John the Baptist went to Jesus with a question from John. John was sent into the world ahead of Jesus to herald the coming of the Messiah. We are to do the same in our day. This is spiritual warfare. We are taking this land for the Kingdom of God. Prayers will be crafted as guidelines for participants to refer to. As always, we want all to be guided by Holy Spirit as He will guide us into all truth which includes prayer needed for specific parts of the land.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Prepare the way of the Lord! Repent and believe and you shall receive everlasting life. For the Gospel of peace declares that God is at peace with man, and He sent His Son, not to judge the world, but to save it. Jesus Christ came to set the captives free, to break the chains of bondage, destroying the works of the devil. Believe in your heart that Jesus died for your redemption, shedding His blood for the forgiveness of your sin. Confess with your mouth that you are a sinner and trust in Jesus alone for your forgiveness and salvation, and you shall be saved from the judgment that will come upon all who refuse to confess and repent. Now is the time of your salvation as the listening ear of the loving Father God, our Creator, is only a breath away.