March 2, 2019


Why am I alone? To be alone with God for an assignment or a task, especially one over a great length of time, goes against the soul’s desire for interaction within a group or a tribe mentality.


Let me begin by attempting to disarm any judgmentalism that may arise within the soul. For even as I think and write the opening line, a conflict rises up within me. I understand and state here that I know I am not alone. At many levels there is communion with God and others. As expressed in Psalms 139, I cannot escape the presence of God, so I am certainly not alone. There are those who have gone before me that have done what I am doing in some form or fashion. With such a great cloud of witnesses, I am not alone. There are those who pray for me and who pray for the things for which I pray. In communion with them, I am not alone. There are those whom the Lord uses to encourage me. In those moments, I am not alone. There are some who from time to time come alongside me and join me in the work for the Kingdom. Again, I am not alone.


That said, the day by day work that I do, that which I believe God has called me to do and leads me into, I do alone. Why is that? I believe there are a number of potential reasons or answers. Any one of them, or all of them, may be at play at any given time. I also believe that the time, the situation, and the will of God determines which, if any, of these is in play. All of the answers are only possibilities, really, except when God chooses to reveal the actual truth of the matter. And if I am walking in obedience, the current reason or answer is of no matter or consequence to me.


The simple truth is that I have been uniquely positioned and gifted to do a work that God has prepared for me to accomplish. Even in this uniqueness I am no different from anyone else who is obediently responding to the call of God. The assignments given to me may be different than what others are doing or are called to do, but like them, I am simply called to carry out the part of the plan that has been assigned to me. Actually, very little of any of this has to do with me. The assignment or calling was designed, created, and orchestrated by God in His wisdom and according to His will. I am building upon the works of those who have gone before me and with me as we all build on the foundation laid by Christ Jesus. I operate in the faith and power of God as I am empowered by Holy Spirit, encouraged by the prayers of others. I simply need to discern my role and walk in it.


Another simple truth is that I do not know how many others God has at play in this area of the plan at any given time. There may well be times when I am the only one working in an area. What does it matter? In fact, I should be honored for being entrusted with such a position. I am sure there are times when there is an army of praying saints or intercessors that are working harder than me as I go through a certain phase of an assignment. But without knowledge of the others, what does it matter? What truly matters for me is that I carry out my part of the plan that was entrusted to me. And these things do matter in view of the big picture as God’s perfect plan is carried out successfully. These things also matter to those who will come after me, taking the baton when my time is completed.


My fellowship is with God as I co-labor with Him and as I obey the call He has placed upon my life. He has prepared me through sufferings and successes, through lessons and circumstances, and through maturing in spirit, soul, and body. He has spoken into my life through my relationship with Him and others and He will see that I finish what He has called me to do. He has positioned me uniquely to do what He asks of me to accomplish. I believe it is the same for every follower of Christ.


This is not about going to church or going through religious exercises. This is about building and preparing for the Kingdom of God. Awaken to the world around us. The time is short. There is no room for mixed loyalties for those who are disciples of Christ Jesus. Jesus clearly states the cost of discipleship. I pray, that by the grace of God, I and others will be willing and able to pay that price, being faithful unto the end.


So, even in the times when my soul and emotions tell me I’m lonely, I am never, ever alone.