The following are notes from a morning of prayer and study. They are the notes pretty much as I wrote them in my notebook with minor editing. Use them as a study guide upon which you can expand as you dialog with God.


Mark – Chapter 1

December 11, 2018


Mark 1:8    John prophesies of the baptism “with the Holy Spirit”


Mark 1:10   Jesus baptized, immediately, as He came up out of the water, He saw the heavens opening, and the Spirit descending


Mark 1:11   Voice from heaven


Mark 1:12   The Spirit immediately drove Jesus into the wilderness


Mark 1:15   “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand.”


Mark 1:18   And immediately they left their nets and followed Him


Mark 1:20  “And immediately He called them”


Mark 1:21   “And immediately on the sabbath He entered the synagogue”


Mark 1:23  “And immediately there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit.”


Mark 1:24  The unclean spirit declared its recognition of the Holy One of God


Mark 1:29  “And immediately He left the synagogue”


Mark 1:30  “Now Simon’s mother-in-law lay ill with a fever, and immediately they told Him about her.”


Mark 1:35  “And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, He departed and went out to a desolate place, and there He prayed.”


Mark 1:42  “And immediately the leprosy left him.”



·        9 times in chapter 1 of The Gospel According to Mark

·        Strong’s 2112 – Eutheós – at once, directly

o   Usage: immediately, soon, at once

o   Definition: at once, directly

·        87 occurrences

o   87: saints’ assembly, love magnified, love one another

o   87: numerical value of the word Eden, in Hebrew

·        9: fruit of the Spirit, visitation

o   Mark 1:1 “The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”

§  Visitation of God to earth

·        4: Disciples with Jesus; Simon, Andrew, James, John

o   2 sets of brothers

o   All fishermen

·        4: the earth, creation

o   Visitation of God to earth

o   Calls common workers to be His disciples

§  Fishermen: to become fishers of men

·        Immediately

o   Whether it be Jesus or His disciples, each of these occurrences appear to be deliberate actions without hesitation

o   Appears to always be in relationship with Jesus: Visitation

§  1:10   Jesus and Holy Spirit                                Holy Spirit

§  1:12   Jesus and Holy Spirit                                Holy Spirit

§  1:18   Simon and Andrew follow Jesus               Disciples

§  1:20  Jesus calling James and John                   Disciples

§  1:21   Jesus and the Jews – enter synagogue     People

§  1:23  Jesus and the man with unclean spirit     Ministry

§  1:29  Jesus and the Jews – Leave synagogue    People

§  1:30  Jesus and Simon’s mother-in-law            Ministry

§  1:42  Jesus and the man with leprosy               Ministry


So, in chapter 1 I see:

·        Visitation of God to earth, manifested in Jesus Christ

·        Manifestation testified to and witnessed by Holy Spirit

·        Jesus calling disciples

·        Jesus and the disciples go to the people (synagogues)

·        Jesus performs His ministry, while teaching His disciples


My bible sub-headings in chapter 1

·        John the Baptist Prepares the Way                    (vs. 1)         Visitation

·        The Baptism of Jesus                                          (vs. 9)         Holy Spirit

·        The Temptation of Jesus                                     (vs. 12)       Holy Spirit

·        Jesus Begins His Ministry                                  (vs. 14)       Ministry

·        Jesus Calls the First Disciples                            (vs. 16)       Disciples

·        Jesus Heals a Man with an Unclean Spirit        (vs.21)        Ministry

·        Jesus Heals Many                                               (vs. 29)       Ministry

·        Jesus Preaches in Galilee                                    (vs. 35)       People

·        Jesus Cleanses a Leper                                       (vs. 40)      Ministry


Summary – Lesson for Me:

I am to go, led by Holy Spirit, and make disciples. My ministry is declaring that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, sharing the Gospel of Peace with whoever will hear it, with healing and deliverance.

·        Visitation, Holy Spirit, Disciples, People, Ministry

·        Such is the pattern set out in Mark, chapter 1


So, how is it for me?

·        Visitation: called by God and sent to Anoka

·        Holy Spirit: filled by, and following His leading

·        Disciples: teaching – currently through Anoka Awakening

·        People: taking the Gospel of Peace wherever I go to the people

·        Ministry: Healing and deliverance is visible in the various aspects of what I am doing


·        There is room for improvement in every area


Other Notes:

·        Be John the Baptist

o   Making disciples and baptizing them (Matthew 28:19)

o   Preach repentance and forgiveness – Salvation

o   Prepare the way of the Lord – announce His coming

·        Called the first four disciples

o   Not yet Apostles

·        Jesus – my example

o   Vs. 25 – casting out unclean spirit (deliverance)

o   Vs. 31 – healing the sick (healing)

o   Vs. 35 – early morning prayer (communion with Father)

o   Vs. 39 – preaching the good news of the Gospel of Peace (mission)