Weekly Prayer Time

October 17, 2018


Anoka Awakening will have a weekly prayer time that will be somewhat unique. It will:

·        Be held once per week

·        Be at 7:00 AM every time

·        Be held on a different day each week - potentially

·        Be held at a different location each week

The location will be revealed by the Lord each week, as will the day of the week we are to pray. The information will be published in the weekly email update that is beginning Thursday, October 18, 2018. The email will go out on Thursdays sometime after noon most likely.

This prayer meeting has a very specific purpose; spiritual warfare over the City of Anoka, Anoka County, and beyond as the Lord leads. Remaining focused on this purpose, the prayer meeting will be structured and direct.

The warfare prayer is first personal and then for the community. The first part will be prayed together in unity and agreement. Whoever can come into agreement with the prayer will be welcome to attend and participate. The prayer will initially be the Personal Preparation section of “Church Revolution 2017” and may be crafted off of that for future prayer times.

The participants will gather at 7:00 AM at the predetermined location and begin the prayers together. Following is the pattern that will be followed:

·        Greeting and Welcome (Father, Son, Holy Spirit and participants)

·        Prayer for Armor of God

·        Prayer for Hedge of Protection

·        Prayer – Personal Preparation

·        Communion

·        Prayer over Anoka – as led by God to pray

·        Prayer for One Another (whoever requests specific prayer for oneself)

·        Conclusion – Amen

The information will be in the weekly email and it is open to anyone who will pray in faith and agreement. We are looking into the possibility of having a remote hookup for those who cannot make it to the location but can still be available to join in the prayer (possibly Go To Meeting). This is not a gathering that is meant to be a convenient time to gather. It is the time and design directed by the Lord. Sometimes it may not be convenient, and individuals will need to decide what they are willing to sacrifice to be able to participate. Some folks may be left out simply due to work or family obligations. Like all things in following Christ, the burden is on each individual to seek the Lord and discern what He would have one do. At that point it is simply a choice as to whether to obey the desire of the Lord, or not.

The first gathering will be on Sunday, 10/21, 7:00 AM, at Duck Park. The park’s actual name is Akin Riverside Park located at 1721 River Avenue, Anoka, MN 55303. John will be leading these prayer gatherings. Best guess on the time frame is approximately 30 minutes. Variation will depend upon the number of people present, the prayers they are led to offer, and the number of prayer requests they ask for as a group. Anyone can come or go at any time, but please do not disrupt the flow of the prayer with hellos and goodbyes if arriving late or leaving early.

The goal and the belief are that the prayers offered to God and declared over the area will shatter the demonic hold on, and shred the veil over, Anoka. Let us believe together and take Anoka, the people and the land, for the Kingdom of God.

Matthew 18:20 – “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Matthew 21:22 – “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”


Revised Morning Prayer