Not the Same Old Church

October 15, 2018


The Lord has been revealing to me the way “church” is going to be done, and it’s not the same old way it has been done for the past centuries. Of course, much like the Pharisees and religious in the days of Jesus, the denominational church system of today will fight against the change, citing the traditions of man and such. But this move of God will not be stopped.

As God continues to ignite His fire in the bellies of His children, flaming their passionate desire for more intimacy with Him and the desire to truly see His word fulfilled, including the great outpouring of Holy Spirit upon all flesh, the people will continue to look beyond the four walls of the current church system. They will discover that God actually moves and leads out in the marketplace and the culture in which we live. The hunger will grow greater with each encounter and the people will realize that the milk in most churches no longer satisfies the need. They will look elsewhere and inquire of other believers that appear to have what they are lacking. Those who ask of the Lord for the good meat will be satisfied. Those who seek will find. Those who knock will have the door opened. They will soon discover the church acting as it was meant to be. The church of living stones being built into the house of God.

The house of God will be a house of prayer. The body of Christ will be a house of prayer. This prayer will be constant communion with God and with one another. It will be prayer, worship, and loving one another. Because of true love for one another, the participants will be caring for and meeting the needs of one another. The body will be truly family, complete with all the quirks and struggles, but also the love and forgiveness that it should have been displaying all along.

I found it exciting when the Lord began unveiling this to me. I am more excited now as He showed it to me in action this past week. I am excited enough that this morning I am inspired to attempt to spell it out in this article. My prayer is that every reader catches this vision and longingly seeks the Lord for such a place in which to engage wherever the reader may live.

Here are some of the points in my prayer journal from back in August of 2018. I was in the midst of a long time of fasting and I had a few dreams and visions during that time.

·        This is a new season and new power is needed for new works

·        The church needs to turn from its old pagan ways and ancient agreements

·        The pagan ways in the church and the world need to be replaced with the true ways of God

·        We cannot continually turn back to the old pagan ways like the Israelites did time and again

·        Pure love needs to replace the judgment and condemnation

·        The pagan practices, the religious spirit, is hidden deep in the church system

·        Worship and ministry will still happen, but it needs to happen in the spirit of liberty, not religion

·        The religious spirit is the spirit of anti-Christ

·        Jesus called forth a royal priesthood to follow Him

·        Jesus has set people free that they may free others to worship in spirit and truth

·        The current church wedges the components into a tight time structure and wonders why it doesn’t see the power of God

o   Holy Spirit is not free to move in most places

·        Worship time is meant to glorify God, not simply make the worshiper feel good for the moment

o   This is the relationship with God

·        Teaching time is for building up and encouraging the body, so the people will take their gifts and talents into the world and impact it for the Kingdom of God

·        Fellowship time is to love one another and care for the needs of one another

·        All of this can not be locked into a 55 to 90-minute service

·        Believers need, first and foremost, to learn how to properly worship and have a meaningful encounter with Almighty God

·        This encounter, and continuous encounters, breeds an intimacy with Father that few have known

·        Worship time is to be about worship – praising God; acknowledging His attributes; thanksgiving; longing to press in closer to His presence; crying out to God

o   From this depth of worship and intimacy, everything else will spring forth

·        Teaching times can be arranged: doctrine and theology; bible study; discipleship in the ways of the Christian life; etc.

·        Teaching times can be live and/or recorded and/or streamed – whatever is available

·        Those who are deeply desiring a personal relationship with God will seek out the worship times

·        Those who are longing to co-labor with God will seek out the applicable level of instruction

·        Pastors will not need to spend their time dictating schedules and time frames: worshipers will be free to worship; teachers will be free to teach; believers will make the time to follow Christ and die to the ways of the world

·        The religious spirit will not find a home among the people that are seeking to worship in spirit and in truth

·        The manipulation and control of the current system, the religious witchcraft in the church, will be removed from the equation

·        True servant leaders will be raised up to build the Kingdom of God rather than the kingdoms of the denominational church system

·        Just as John the Baptist was questioned and challenged by the religious leaders of the day, so will the forerunners of today be called out by many of the current religious leaders

·        In thinking they are doing the will of God, many of the religious leaders today are in danger of not seeing what time it is and what God is doing just as the leaders of that day did not see the move of God

·        There will still be leaders and churches and ministries, but they will operate much differently and more freely when the religious spirit is rejected, and the Spirit of God is welcomed in

What did I witness over the past week?

The public worship time at the Anoka County Fairgrounds, “In HIS Heartbeat”, was Saturday, October 6. Just as last year, the group was small, but the worship was powerful. The turnout was small, but the presence of God was big. “It’s not about the numbers,” I heard over and over this past week. God acknowledged the worship and there was an impact in the spiritual realm. There was great unity and pure worship in spirit and truth.

Anoka Awakening had its scheduled worship time on Thursday, October 11. Again, it was a small group, but there was once again no religious spirit to disrupt things or take away from the time of connecting with God.

On Sunday, October 13, I attended a teaching session in Blaine which is in Anoka County. The person who led the group was following the leading of the Lord to put this time together. The person He invited to teach had revelation that opened the eyes of all in attendance. And once again, there was no ugly religiosity to any of what took place. People introduced themselves and new contacts were made; contacts that will work together for the Kingdom of God. People prayed for one another and I can personally attest to the power of God flowing with healing power and prophetic words.

This coming Thursday, October 18, we will have Pizza Man Church. We gather together and build relationships with all who join us. Occasionally someone in the restaurant, who had no idea we would be there or what we are about, joins us for a meal and conversation. We often read scripture and discuss the lesson of the passage. We encourage one another and pray for one another. We make plans to help one another out with whatever may be going on in the lives of those who share their needs. It is casual, but it is easy to see the things that God orchestrates throughout the time together.

Sunday night and Monday morning God brought all of this to my awareness and said, “See what it looks like?” The light bulb went on for me. There were leaders that were not dictators or controlling or manipulative. They walked out what they believed God wanted them to do. They got the space, they gathered worship leaders and teachers, they put the word out to their spheres of contacts, and God drew people to the events. The worship leaders could follow the leading of the Spirit and they did lead people into a deep worship. The teachers brought forth revelation from God that did line up with scripture. They did not follow a strict mandate from the leader or develop a series that they had to stick to. Again, it was led by Holy Spirit. The people came and went freely, freely offering financial assistance to cover venue costs, etc., but never under compulsion to give. They were, yes, led by Holy Spirit to give as they agreed with God. Budgets were met, and people were blessed.

One day soon these times will be the norm for believers and not special events. I believe that Anoka Awakening is walking right into this and will be a model for others to replicate. It will be a template that can be tweaked as needed and as led by Holy Spirit. It will not be a blueprint that must be followed as a mandate from a hierarchy. We are crossing the threshold of a great paradigm shift in the Kingdom of God. I pray we will not allow a religious spirit to hold us back and that we will move forward following the lead of Holy Spirit and serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to the glory of Almighty God and for the sake of the Kingdom.