March 22, 2019


It was 12:55 AM when I awoke on my 39th Wedding Anniversary. Seeing the clock, the numbers grabbed my attention with the double 5. I pondered the numbers and their meanings.

·        12 represents Government

·        5 represents Grace; so 5,5 = Grace, Grace; 5+5=10 = Completion


The time was 1:10 AM when I climbed back into bed. There was the 10 getting my attention. I lay there pondering the numbers again.

·        1 represents Unity

·        10 represents Completion


The elapsed time was 15 minutes.

·        15 represents New Direction


I wondered what story was being told by these numbers. When I was finished making notes and ready to go back to sleep, the time was 1:59 AM.

·        1+5+9=15 = New Direction

·        Just before the 2:00 hour; 2 represents Division

·        So in the 1:00 hour; 1 represents Unity


So, the theme I was seeing was this:

·        Completion in Government = Kingdom Life

·        Completion in Unity = Kingdom Life

·        Completion in Kingdom Life is a New Direction from we are currently


I was contemplating completion and what it was in the Christian life and what would be involved to be an overcomer. Here is a bullet point list of my thoughts. These are worth thinking about with the Lord and Scripture. I noticed that a few are listed more than once. I assumed Holy Spirit wanted me to pay attention to those. Have a look and give them some thought.


·        Seek Completion (Ephesians 4:13)

·        Holiness and Purity

·        Cleansing and Refinement

·        Clean Hands and Pure Heart (Psalm 24:3-5)

·        Ascending the hill of the Lord and standing in His holy place. (Psalm 24:3-5)

·        Becoming Christ, our example and model

·        Receiving Blessing and Salvation (Psalm 24:3-5)

·        Love, Kindness, Gentleness

·        To rule and reign with Him

·        Nothing short of this will do

·        Faith: total faith is required

·        Christ in me, not my own effort

·        Humility, Surrender, Trust

·        Obedience in Love

·        Preferring Others ahead of Oneself

·        Compassionate Care

·        Sacrificial Love

·        Gentle and Kind

·        Long-Suffering

·        Patiently Loving

·        Without a Judgmental and Condemning Spirit

·        Quiet and Self-Controlled

·        Confident, but not Arrogant

·        Not Haughty

·        Having the Mind of Christ

·        Having the Love of Father

·        Having the Wisdom of Holy Spirit

·        The Seven Spirits of God (Isaiah 11:2)

·        The Beatitudes (Be-Attitudes)

·        Selfless in Every Way

·        Nurturing Others

·        Discipling Others

·        Leading and Guiding Others

·        Preferring Others

·        Not Legalistic or Binding

·        Lovingly Corralling (Gathering Together)

·        Growing and Replicating

·        Making Disciples

·        Intimacy with God

·        Worship, Praise, Adoration

·        Being an Overcomer

·        Pleasing in the Sight of God

·        Sonship

·        Collaborator with God

·        Approved and Accepted

·        In the Will of God

·        My Reasonable Service (Romans 12:1)

·        Holy and Blameless

·        Pleasing in His Sight

·        Without Blemish

·        Pure and Holy

·        Above Reproach in His Sight

·        Christ in Me, Lived through Me

·        In HIS Heartbeat

·        The Apple of His Eye

·        After His Heart

·        In Constant Communion with Him

·        Holy and Pure