Roving Prayer Meeting Notes

December 5, 2018


Eight prayer times, over seven weeks, of the Roving Prayer Meeting have now been completed and a few interesting patterns have appeared. Those who have attended and those who have joined in prayer remotely all have a part in this work of God.

God has led in the determination of the day each week and the location for the prayer time. That said, it should be no surprise that patterns emerge as the places and times are looked back upon.

In early September, I believe, a member of our team had a sense of what our next assignment involved. The team got together on September 20th and discussed it and prayed about it. The thought was that it had to do with praying for the land again. It was expressed that this time it was for keeps, much like a hill is taken back and forth in a battle until one side can no longer battle for it. So, here we are, taking prayers out into the land. Whether a full or partial fulfillment of what we sensed was coming, this process is certainly tied into it.


Locations one through four had to do with the core of the City of Anoka.

One                       Sunday, 10/21/18, Akin Riverside Park (Duck Park)

This park on the Rum River is at the core of the city near the point of the city’s beginnings. This spot represents the people of the City of Anoka. This was also the spot of the first “worship in the park” event, in October of 2015, by the group that became Anoka Awakening.


Two                      Friday, 10/26/18, the Fountain Area, Anoka City Hall

This spot represented two things. The first is it represents the city government. This was also the spot of prayer for the sixth of the ten gates in the Nehemiah Project 2017. It was the Fountain Gate, renamed the Messenger Gate. This was the second prayer time in this first week. There was assurance that it was supposed to take place and the reason was revealed as the time came to pray. The set-up for Halloween activities were underway in this area. The second representation of this spot was revealed, the idolatry of the City of Anoka, Halloween.


Three                   Monday, 10/29/18, The Anoka County Courthouse

                             The Third Street entrance represents the county government and the courthouse, care and justice for the people. This was also the spot where unholy soul ties were severed before undertaking the fourth of the gates in the Nehemiah Project 2017. Again, this reflects activity on behalf of the people and the city, as well as the county.



Four                     Thursday, 11/08/18, the Pleasant Street Bridge over the Rum River

                             This spot is very near the geographic center of the City of Anoka and represents the land and waters of the area. Once again, the Rum River is in play; the border at which many conflicts took place before the city was established.


The four initial locations represent the city: the people, their government, the land, water and atmosphere. A look at a map of the city shows they are grouped at the core of the city. Plotting the next four locations on the map reveals the compass points. The city is being surrounded and filled with prayer. This was not realized until the first seven were plotted on the map.




Five                      Tuesday, 11/13/18, Mississippi River Community Park

                             Another waterway in Anoka is noticed, the mighty Mississippi. This is at the west compass point of the city. Water is the key here, as the waterways were key to the establishment of the city.


Six                        Saturday, 11/24/18, Anoka Nature Preserve

                             This is the north compass point of the city. It represents the land of the city; a land that has life.


Seven                   Sunday, 11/25/18, Overpass on East Main Street

                             This spot is actually just outside the City of Anoka, in Coon Rapids. It is the east gate to the city, entering on East Main Street. This spot gives a view from above the city, representing the air, or the atmosphere over Anoka. This was also the point of the ninth of the ten gates in the Nehemiah Project 2017. It was the East Gate, renamed The Gate of His Presence. Obviously, this is at the east compass point of the city.


Eight                    Wednesday, 12/05/18, Peninsula Point Park

                             Prayer was at the confluence of the Rum and Mississippi Rivers, being the south compass point. This represents a coming together. The waters, as the people, the body of Christ, ought to, come together and mix into one river. The waters from one river are indistinguishable from the waters of the other. The body of Christ is one body of disciples, not a gathering of denominations. This unity is a prominent desire within Anoka Awakening, as it was for Jesus Christ in His prayer recorded in the seventeenth chapter of the Gospel According to John.


A few more notes on these first eight times of prayer.

Eight Events        Eight is New Beginnings

This is the beginning of the new prayer over the City of Anoka. This is also a new beginning for Anoka Awakening in this transition phase.


Seven Weeks       Seven is Completion

This is a completion of the first phase of a new prayer over the city. It is also signifying the completion of the beginnings of Anoka Awakening.


Seven Days          Seven is Completion

All seven days of the week were represented.


Seven                   Spiritual Perfection

                             7AM was prayer time each week


Four                     Creation

                             Four locations in the city core

                             Four compass points


Three                   Divine Fullness

                             Three months are included (Oct, Nov, Dec)


Though I don’t know the order or the days, my sense is that the next eight locations will be the places of the remaining eight gates from the Nehemiah Project 2017. The next eight will bring us to the following:


Ten                      Divine Order

The ten gate areas will have been prayed at for a second time (confirmation of their importance?)


Fifteen                 New Direction

                             Fifteen weeks will have gone by from the beginning


Sixteen                Love

                             Sixteen days, or prayer sessions, will have transpired


Forty-Three         Contention, or, God’s Great and Exceeding Joy

Forty-three is the number of days from prayer session one through session eight.

We are in contention for the City of Anoka for the Kingdom of God.

                                God has great and exceeding joy over the obedience of His children who sacrifice for the sake of others. 


This will take us through the end of January. While that may not be the end of this practice, perhaps we will have turned the corner in this transition, going a new direction, in love, as ordered by God. We will be fulfilling our call to, “Obedience in Love”.