This past Wednesday I was led to schedule a full day for worship, prayer, and fasting. That day is this coming Tuesday, April 2, 2019. The purpose is to take time to seek God concerning the lifting and shredding of the veil that is covering Anoka and the eyes of the people. The believers need to see the truth of what is taking place and the believers-in-waiting need to see and hear the Gospel of Peace with understanding.

Once again I sense a leading to invite you to participate in whatever way you determine the Lord would have you take part, or not. But I ask you to please seek the Lord on the matter and then increase your faith by walking in obedience to the call.

I will be in the Upper Room on Tuesday from 5:00 AM until 10:00 PM to worship, pray and fast. You are welcome to join me for any part of the day or evening if you so choose. If the front door of the building or the elevator is locked, please text or call me at 763-639-4685 and I will arrange access for you to get to the Upper Room.

This morning during my prayer time in the Upper Room I was hearing in my spirit the phrase "A New Day Dawning" as I considered the upcoming fast. I have been feeling all month that changes of some sort, or multiple changes, are in the works. Before the fast on March 4-6 I had realized that it has been 27 months since I began praying over Anoka from the Upper Room almost daily. In the book, "Secrets of Time" by Dr. Stephen Jones, 27 represents Preaching the Gospel. 28, April being after 28 months, represents Eternal Life. Is it a coincidence that it is time for, and we have been discussing, getting back on the streets and into the parks? 

I sense this season of work in Anoka is to re-establish the street ministry, bringing the Gospel of Peace to those who will hear, and to seek the outpouring of the Spirit on Anoka. As I considered this and sought God for a great harvest season, I realized the lyric of the song playing was, "Release Your Rain" from the song "Pour It Out" by Amy Thompson. I love these subtle confirmations from God. I restarted the song and prayed it to God for the pouring out of His Spirit on our city.

All these items brought together paint a picture of our calling to take the gospel to those around us. Please join me if you can, in person or remotely.

Peace and Blessing to you in our Lord Jesus Christ.

P.S. As I was proof reading this email, I notice the time frame is 17 hours. 17 represents Victory. Yahoo!!!