This is the 2019 budget for Anoka Awakening.

The first portion is based upon the things we already do as a ministry.

The second part is based upon future plans and desires for the ministry.


2019 Budget for Current Operations

  • Rent - Upper Room: $100.00/Month = $1,200.00/Year
  • Pizza Man Church: $50.00 x 3-times/Month = $150.00/Month = $1,800.00/Year
  • Fire-pit Worship: $50.00 x 2-times/Month = $100.00/Month = $1,200.00/Year
  • "In HIS Heartbeat" Worship Gathering: $1,200.00/Year
  • Miscellaneous During the Year: $600.00/Year
    • Printing, Postage, Signage
  • 2019 Annual Budget Total: $6,000.00


2019 Budget for Future Plans

  • A donation was made to start a fund for serving immediate needs (heat, lights, etc.)
    • The beginning donation was $150.00 plus $10.00 added for a current fund of $160.00
  • Exploration has begun for a rental space or spaces to minister to the community
    • No budget has been set, but the guess at the moment is the budget would swell to $50,000.00
    • Rent, utilities, decor and staging, insurance, maintenance, payroll and taxes for custodian, part-time


We at Anoka Awakening are grateful for all who participate in this ministry, both financially, physically, and prayerfully.

While we receive occasional donations, most of this budget comes out of the pockets of the group members, primarily the leadership of whatever is taking place.

The leadership are truly servant leaders, as whoever coordinates any event has the investment of most of the time and expense associated with whatever we do. All who lead and promote events or activities also support all that the others are doing, as we all work together to serve the Kingdom of God.

No one, as of January 01, 2019, is or has been on the payroll of Anoka Awakening. Occasionally someone is given a gift that is made clear to be a personal gift, not a gift to the ministry, and vice versa. Currently, money flows from someone's pocket, through our hands, directly to the need at the time.

If we rent a location from which we can minister to people, the donations would need to increase substantially. We would then need to employ a bookkeeping system and perhaps be set up along the lines of a business in the community. At this point, there is no intention of incorporating or filing for 501-c3 status.

As of the transition from 2018 to 2019, we have $395.12 on hand. January rent of $100.00 will come out of that immediately. $160.00 are the Emergency Relief Funds, and $235.12 are the General Funds.

This is the current information as of January 1, 2019. JDS