Here is the financial status of this portion of the ministry.

Shortages are paid by someone. If there is money available within the ministry, it is paid out. If there is no money available in the ministry, it comes out of someone's pocket. This is the same as for any other activity and the overhead for the ministry of Anoka Awakening. There is no bank account or large amount of cash on hand.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of those who are willing to help us maintain this ministry of fellowship and discipleship to those who need both.

This new system has begun in December of 2018, which is the reason there is no track record. We estimate the out of pocket portion has been $30-50 per time, which right now is three times per month.





Paid Out

Over / (Short)

Running Total

06 DEC 18 $55.00 $104.91 ($49.91) ($49.91)
20 DEC 18 $60.00 $80.00 ($20.00) ($69.91)
29 DEC 18 $12.00 $26.00 ($14.00) ($83.00)