Pizza Man Church



Pizza Man Church is a time when a group of people gather together to have a meal and discuss the things of life. For us it is a family gathering where we are creating new, and building existing, relationships.

From time to time we will pray with or for one another. We will, at times, read and discuss scripture - sharing, teaching and encouraging one another.

This is a time we can meet with and encourage those whom we are discipling in the way of the Christian life. It is a place for people to know when and where we can be found regularly. It is also an opportunity for us to support a local establishment in our city.


Pizza Man, 231 East Main Street, Anoka, MN 55303


The first and third Thursdays of the month for Lunch from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM






Pizza Man Church


Anoka Awakening is enacting this procedure for our gatherings at Pizza Man to take care of all who join us.


·       Agreement with Pizza Man

o   Our group will be charged $10/person

o   Includes food and non-alcoholic beverage

o   Does not include tax and tip


·       Donation Box

o   We encourage all to donate cash

o   Donate what you can, if you can

§  Cover your own meal, or

§  Cover more for others, or

§  Nothing if you don’t have it


·       Our Lunch or Dinner Bill

o   The Group will have one bill based upon the number in our group

o   We will pay the bill from the donation box

o   If you do not have cash for the donation box, and you are willing to pay by another form,

§  Pay at the counter, specifying it is part of the Anoka Awakening group bill

§  Let the host know what was paid so we can accurately keep track of the bill


·       We Encourage All to use the cash box, and we appreciate all who join us and the generosity.